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I am Afees Oseni, call me D'Gifted Efixi..... I'm a very versatile person.  It's so funny how I find out about it blogging in 2010, however, the hunger for success made me did.

My first blog name was called A1tech, I started the blog because gaining access to internet then was very expensive and I find out about  cheats that one could use to access the internet which I started posting. But when internet became cheap I stopped it. Though, that wasn't what I was only blogging about, I was also blogging about general computer and it maintenance buh I lost focus about that and move to something else in computing because I wasn't really getting what I wanted in blogging so I moved into graphic design/editing and little hardware problem.

After some few years I came up with another idea about blogging because I really wanna be my own boss and I was tired of working for someone else. The idea for the blog was due to my passion for music and celebrity life style. I started posting like Linda Ikeji. After so many times I realized there are too many people doing the same thing and I hate following the crowd then Efixi Blog was reborn from showfaze.

I believe you will enjoy every single page from this blog because I decided to make it fun, inform, educating and entertaining. 

Enjoy my view in the lightroom as you follow me up.

Thank you for staying with me and please remember to bring your family and friends by sharing every post. 

So much love from me D'Gifted Efixi Enioluwaferanju Ajibola Oseni.

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