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Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Thought On Okorochas Statement;Arm Robbers Better To Weed Smokers

On January 26, 2018, Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, has said it’s better for youths to be armed robbers than to be involved in smoking marijuana.

The governor made the remark while addressing some youths of the state.

In a video retrieved online, the governor, who spoke in Igbo could also be heard briefing the people on development plans he had for the community when he made the statement.

Okorocha, apparently emphasizing on the danger of marijuana said, “You all know what the law says about Marijuana(weed)? Weed has killed my Children in Imo state. Anybody selling weed or consuming it, that person’s house will be demolished.

“Where we are now, it is better for someone to be an Armed Robber than to Smoke weed”.

After seeing that, I took little time to think about it and I told myself this people ruling us can't lead us to anywhere good....They are going to lead us astray

How can someone we see as a leader make such statement. His he in anyway in his right sense when he was saying that? That what I asked myself.

Okay, let me give you a simple analysis, we have some developed countries who has legalized maurijuana. I don't think any country in the world will try legalizing arm robbing. Since all of them are thieve and evil why won't he make such statement.

He said; "where we are now".... Please, where are we now? Someone should please remind me.

Also, I can say almost all celebrities if not all high class celebrities and people in high position smoke or use weed in different ways.....So what are we saying

Through my research, weed is suppose to be a blessing to mankind but in the part of the world I am, people see it as bad(evil) thing. I wonder when my country will develop to that level where it will be legalized... Since our leaders see the youths the way we are, they throw at us whatever they like and we take it like that.
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Anyway, who questioned him after he make the statement? Like no one did. I am not in anyway trying to promote weed but for crying out loud why will he say harming others is beta. He will need to share more light into that statement and what does our law says about "arm robbing"

Pls o, I am not encouraging anyone to start smoking weed o.... What is a blessing to one, can be a curse to another. Be wise

Arm robbing or weed smoking which is better?


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