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Monday, January 15, 2018

See What "One Corner Have Caused Even Within A-List Artiste & Wedding

The kind of music people dance to nowadays, I pity the next generation coming after me....you will wonder what the next generation will rock to. Growing up, I heard elders listening to songs from the likes of King Sunny Ade, Fela, Ebenezer Obey, Lionel Richie, Lucky Dube, 2pac, Biggie, Sade Adu and many others good music and these music can still be listen to today because they are evergreen songs that contain message and good vibe. But the kind of song artiste do nowadays, makes you wonder what they were thinking while writing the song....These kind of song makes you go "Gaga Crazy"...It's a crazy world we live today anyway, however, that why 2baba still remain the king because he was able to shuffle is own Gaga to a classic and trending tune of "pon pon"

I am not saying there is no artiste doing good music, many of them are making good sound filled with contents but the "one corner" is something that should be banned and anyone caught listening to that song should be arrested and fine because that music has nothing good to pass. My biggest problem is the way little kids dance to the song without minding if any adult is watching them....no one even caution anyone again when the music is played.

Whenever the music is played either in the club, bus, street, at event, even in a wedding, you will see people carrying one leg and start making the move as if they are having sex without minding if anyone is watching the, even in a public place....This is what underage children see and copied.

Here is video of couples dancing "one corner" during their wedding ceremony

It didn't even stop there, A-List artiste that most see as role model also fell in love with the dance that they have to do their own video.

Here're few videos of celebrities and what they have to say about the one corner song.

Reekado Bank said; “The #OneCorner virus hit us while in the studio. We couldn’t resist it,” he said in a post on Instagram.

Watch Reekado Banks and some Mavin mates going crazy over Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’.

Here is another Nigerian rapper and actor Falz, going crazy about the song in a Nigerian nightclub.
I remembered falz challenging 9ice about a particular song on him praising fraudster stars that its not moral...I wonder how he see this.

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