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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Here's What Is Really Happening Between You And Your Success - Inspired By Kendrick Lamar

In  days of my early age, when I was just
learning about computing, free browsing and others.
I heard a saying that really makes no meaning to me then that;
"your character can take you to where your certificate can't take you".

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Even then I struggling to gain admission into the university and  what really matters to me then is certificate which still matters but other self development matters if  you want to get to where you belong.

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Nowadays your certificate don't even determine how successful you will be...
If you doubt me ask Davido, Wizkid, Olamide, and
Hush Puppy and I believe sooner or later
I will be counted among them...

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What determine how successful one is now......
depend on how active your brain is....
Which I talk about in my book
"A fool 4 God...For His Blessing"

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When I watch our vice president Osinbajo, I see lot of
qualities about him apart from his certificate.
I also talked about what Tinubu or Obasanjo see in him in my book  "A Fool For God...For His Blessing" for him to be choosen

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A saying goes that; "you can't stop a man from being himself".
It doesnot goes for a man alone, it goes for everyone.
There is a yoruba proverb that says "efi ni ewa"....
which means no matter how you try to hide your real character,
it will surely show itself oneday.

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In one of Kendrick Lamar song, titled "Humble".
In some lyrics of the song, I see him talking about the West family which are Kanye and Kim West about the photoshop ass and
him wanting to see the stretchmarks butt......
Also him talking about Kanye taken over the stage and not been impress

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If a Grammy award winner like
Kendrick Lamar be singing about staying humble
who are you that just have small things be "full with pride"

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Your humility, can take you to where you don't expect.
And in most of my post I keep using 2baba formerly called
and still known by many as 2face Idibia has a good example of one being bumble.
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