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Monday, April 17, 2017

Forgive But Donot Forget What It Taught You...2face to Blackface

Life is funny...two friends started, https://efixi.blogspot.com.ng/p/contact-me_3.html
but one later join them they call him Faze.
They all later split and went solo on their career.
Like Blackface discovered 2face and gave him the name.
The first hit song of 2face, Blackface wrote it....
After it became a hit Blackface did his own version but
didn't blow like that of 2face.

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Annie the girlfriend then now the wife in the vidoe
2face being a very handsome and cool headed person...
He is the ladies man and  that why 6women got pregnant for him at same time and also a humble soul join.


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Akindele Adetoge must be a big fool for sayinghttp://c.jumia.io/?a=27903&c=50&p=r&E=kkYNyk2M4sk%3d&ckmrdr=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jumia.com.ng%2F&utm_source=cake&utm_medium=affiliation&utm_campaign=27903&utm_term=
2face is a bloody illiterate. The man must be
educated illiterate for saying that.
If he call 2face illiterate what will he call Fela for
marrying numerous wife at a time and divorcee all 

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This is the problem between Blackface and 2face,
https://efixi.blogspot.com.ng/p/contact-me_3.htmlone have talent in writing good lyrics back then and

the other have that unique voice including handsomeness
and very down to earth, also a genius and now a superstar
which the other doesnot have

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Why Blackface watch 2face grow after Kennis helped him up
Enviousness in his heart grew that he wrote the song that blew him...
but he forgot he did his own version and nothing happened.

Blackface, keep saying 2face stole his song....
But after Africa Queen, 2face has been able to give us hit back to back
apart from "heading the game" you sang Blackface
which hit have you don given us?
I think he is so unlucky, and bad luck was on his side....

So sorry your marriage broke down and many things
went wrong.........
He just keep saying he is coming back with new hit in his interview

and we are still waiting for it till date.

Blackface keeps attacking 2face but https://efixi.blogspot.com.ng/p/contact-me_3.html
the humble soul keeps forgiving him...
because forgiveness is not a sin to him since God forgives also.

2baba, thank you for changing your name from 2face to 2baba,
even if some still refer to you as 2face, you are 2baba to people
that understand the genius and gift you are.......

Blackface keeps saying he gave you the name 2face
which is already a past glory to us.

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Everything keeps going fresh and renewed for you
because you're still collecting shows here and there and we enjoyed the
performance you gave us at the just

concluded Bigbrother 9ja show bringing out Annie......
 "The Africa Queen"

Click to watch the video incase you didn't see it
2baba, if you get to see this post,
my advice to you is to keep forgiving him(blackface)
but don't forget what the lesson in it taught you....
2baba your music is very spiritual....
I was listening to Oh Papa when I wrote this

Written by D'Gifted

Now that you know, I hope you share it with friends and family....
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