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Friday, September 30, 2016

See What A White Pastor Was Forced To Do During Donald Trump Rally

According to a report by New Hampshire, A white Baptist pastor was forced to remove his “Black Lives Matter” shirt during a Trump rally. Mark Ferrin, a 65-year-old preacher, claims that Donald Trump’s security team pulled him aside and demanded he remove the shirt.
“Within a minute,” a couple of people from Trump’s security team told him to either put the plain shirt back on or he’d be kicked out, he said.
“I said to them, ‘Why?’” Ferrin said. “And they said, ‘because that’s a protest.’ I said, ‘I thought this was my first amendment right.’ And they told me, ‘We’ll have to escort you out if you don’t put your shirt back on.’”
Ferrin said they told him that “because it was a private event, First Amendment rights were out the window.”
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