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Friday, September 30, 2016

Co-Star Sue The Game For $10Million For Sexual Assaulting & Judge Shock Her

shes got game

Priscilla Rainey – who was a contestant on the VH1 dating reality show, “She’s Got Game” – filed suit against rapper The Game last year, alleging he sexually assaulted her on several occasions during an after hours date – even rubbing her bare vagina and behind. She said The Game was out of control and highly intoxicated on drugs and alcohol during the alleged incident.

The contestant explained she never gave him permission to touch her and she felt degraded by the sexual assault. She said she’s suffered physical, psychological and emotional damages due to the rapper’s actions.
The Game fired back at Rainey and accused her of lying, and said he doesn’t owe her a dime and demanded her entire lawsuit be thrown out of court.
Both parties are still battling it out in court and preparing for the upcoming trial in the case.
Then on September 26th, Rainey filed docs in the case pleading for any evidence about her sexual history or the use of the words prostitute or madam be excluded from the courtroom. She also asked that a judge ban any information about her drinking or taking drugs outside of the question.
The woman said that any evidence of these topics would be irrelevant to the issues at hand and all of it should be considered hearsay.
Further, she is pleading with the judge to not allow any evidence of testimony about her being “crazy” or filing the lawsuit in an attempt to be famous.

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Lastly, the woman claims all evidence and information about any prior arrests, talk of her criminal history, any criminal convictions and any possible booking aka mug shots be excluded from the upcoming trial.

A judge has yet to rule on Rainey’s request.

The woman suing The Game for $10 million for sexual assaulting her while filming  his dating reality show has demanded any evidence or testimony about her being called a “prostitute” or “madam” be barred from their upcoming trial.


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